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On the path to fitness.  (photo- Andrew Welch)
To reboot your fitness, you need to evaluate what motivates you to keep fit. Often times we do things without really thinking about our motivations. I know that’s the way I’ve done many exercise programs, my friends tell me about one program and invite me to join in and so I do. But I’ve reached an age where that doesn’t work so well anymore. I came up with a fitness assessment tool that has helped me look at what motivates me to keep fit. Go ahead and download the tool using the button below. It’s printable so that it’s more comfortable to use.
What the tool can do for you By using this tool and answering whether you agree or disagree with the statements, you can gain insight into what motivates you to exercise. But what if you are like me and when using the tool you said yes to contradictory things. I’m motivated to do individual exercise such as walking, number one, but I also enjoy group exercise such as pilates, number 5.  To top it off, I think a lot about exercise but don’t do anything about it, number 10. I like different kinds of exercise and yet sometimes I don’t do anything. Sometimes I feel like a giant hand was pushing against me preventing me from moving forward. No matter how hard I try I can’t take a step. Maybe you can relate. Be hopeful But here’s how you can be hopeful. Results like these, show that accountability can make a difference to you. If you said yes to 6, 7, 8, or 10, chances are an exercise buddy could be a real help to you, even if you prefer exercising alone. Having an exercise buddy doesn’t mean you have to exercise with someone. Instead, it means, having someone to talk to about your fitness. You tell your buddy if you ran or not if you went to a class if you kept your diet, and stuff like that. And you don’t even have to meet your buddy in person, you can stay in contact solely through Facebook if you want. The point is you don’t have to do this alone. It’s not too late It’s never too late to reboot your fitness. You need to do what suits you best. Maybe you are more of a loner and like nothing more than to do a run by yourself in the woods. But you’ve been getting side-tracked. Or you love to be part of a group when you exercise, and time has gotten in the way. Accountability can make a difference for both those that prefer exercising alone or in groups. Talking to someone about what you intend to do and having them ask you about that is a great way to help you keep your goals. Get Accountability You could also join me in my Heart2Live Facebook group, and we could keep each other accountable on our journey to meet our fitness goals. Just click the link here. Better yet, you can sign up for my newsletter.  I share how I’m keeping my fitness goals and I’d love to encourage you in keeping yours.